The UVISEL 2 VUV is “a hybrid ellipsometer”, capable of operating in 2 modes: under nitrogen or primary vacuum. Its mechanical design is optimized for low nitrogen consumption down to 6L/min, and allows for fast sample loading, which takes less than two minutes. The readily accessible chamber in front makes sample loading very convenient.

The UVISEL 2 VUV provides high sensitivity at VUV wavelengths. It integrates dual high power energy sources, high throughput optics, a CaF2 photo-elastic modulator and two modern monochromators. Sample measurement takes less than 8 minutes from 147 to 850 nm with an excellent signal to noise ratio.

The UVISEL 2 VUV revolutionizes the world of VUV ellipsometers by significantly reducing the nitrogen consumption and the time it takes to purge and measure samples.

The well-known DeltaPsi2 software controls the UVISEL 2 VUV ellipsometer, offering powerful acquisition, modelling and reporting features. The user interface is intuitive and suitable for both research and industrial use.

The UVISEL 2 VUV provides unmatched measurement speed and low operating costs, making it the ideal ellipsometer for the characterization of numerous thin film applications from 147 to 2100 nm. The UVISEL 2 VUV ellipsometer can be customized and automated for production.


  • Fast sample loading

  • Fast purging

  • Lowest nitrogen consumption

  • Very fast measurement

  • Two modes of operation: under nitrogen or primary vacuum

Manufactured by HORIBA Scientific

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