The UVISEL 2 includes the widest range of integrated automated features useful for the investigation of all material family.

The UVISEL 2 features a patented sample vision coupled with automated spot selection for accurate positioning of the measurement spot and region on the sample.

The UVISEL 2 integrates the world’s smallest patented achromatic spot size of 35μm capable of covering a large spectral range from FUV to NIR for measurement of very small sample areas.

Driven by the DeltaPsi2 software, the UVISEL 2 is simple to operate and has the performance required characterizing all current materials as well as the next generation materials and structures.


Manufactured by HORIBA Scientific

  • Scanning Spectroscopic Phase Modulated Ellipsometer:190-880nm
  • Vision system providing a real-time colour image of the sample and exact measurement spot using the ellipsometer head.

exact measurement spot using the ellipsometer head

  • Computer controlled Microspots
    • Choice of 8 different spot sizes to suit the feature size of sample.
    • Achromatic microspot optics down to 35 µm
  • Computer controlled variable angle goniometer
    • Angle range 35° - 90°
    • Allows Variable Angle Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
  • Computer controlled 200mm x 200mm XYZ Stage
    • For automated sample mapping
    • 200mm square sample holder with 2 reference samples attached
    • Automatic Z-height adjustment : 40mm with Autofocus
  • Motorised Sample Tilt Alignment
    • Alignment of the sample by laser system
  • 150 W Xenon light source
  • Double Monochromator System for UV-Vis Range
    • 190nm – 1000nm (stray light rejection < 0.5% at 190nm)
    • Twin PMT detectors for highest sensitivity and dynamic range

NIR Extension up to 2100 nm

  • Monochromator for NIR Range
    • 880nm – 2100nm.
    • InGaAs detector
  • Computer and Delta Psi2 Software package
    • Acquisition, Calibration and Data interpretation
    • Automatic Calibration

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