Time Resolved Fluorescence

EasyLife X

The EasyLife™ X is a compact filter based fluorescence lifetime system that is an excellent companion to any lab that currently uses a steady state fluorometer but does not have access to a fluorescence lifetime system. At a fraction of the cost of a bench-top spectrofluorometer, the EasyLife™ X is extremely easy to use and yet has powerful time-resolved capabilities and decay analysis software.

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ANS to BSA binding

EasyLife L

The EasyLife™ L is a unique, affordable phosphorimeter. Using our proprietary 'single-shot' detection technique, the EasyLife™ L is lightening fast and ultra sensitive. For each pulse of the Xenon lamp, the system collects an entire decay curve. Since it can be run at up to 500 HZ, the EasyLife™ L can collect, sum and average up to 500 complete decays in a single second. Not only does this provide instantaneous results, but it also significantly enhances the signal to noise of your luminescence research.

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DeltaPro TCSPC

The DeltaPro™ has taken the complexity of time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) and made it so simple and affordable that any lab can exploit the power of fluorescence dynamics using TCSPC. The system is designed for researchers who demand the ultimate in speed and sensitivity however only need to measure fluorescence or phosphorescence decays at specific wavelengths and do not require spectral capabilities that are provided with the use of an emission monochromator.

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TCSPC Components

HORIBA Scientific offers a comprehensive suite of TCSPC components for Fluorescence Spectroscopy. Tailor or upgrade your own system using the individual parts offered here, starting with solid-state pulsed laser diodes and puled LED sources, all the way through photon counting detectors and discriminators, as well as software for data-acquisition and analysis.

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Time Resolved Photoluminescence System

Record time-resolved photoluminescence spectra with HORIBA’s line of optical components and TCSPC accessories. Lifetimes down to 25 ps can be measured with our DeltaDiode sources, PPD detectors, and DeltaHub electronics.

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