TCSPC Components

Our TCSPC add-ons are perfect for single-molecule fluorescence, photon-migration measurements, fluorophore lifetime characterization, study of photovoltaics and many other applications.

See below for our range of Fluorescence TCSPC Components:

FluoroHub A+

The world’s highest performance TCSPC electronics!

The FluoroHub A+ is the perfect tool for research labs routinely measuring fluorescence lifetimes <100ps. The FluoroHub A+ is also the best controller to fully take advantage of the available performance of MCP based TCSPC systems.

Pulsed Laser Diode

DeltaDiode - Pulsed Laser Diodes and pulsed LED Sources

DeltaDiodes utilize laser diode and LED technology to generate short optical pulses over a very wide range of repetition rates and wavelengths. Optical pulses as short as 50ps can be generated at repetition rates up to 100MHz.

NanoLED Light Source

The NanoLED range is a novel and economical light source system that utilizes laser diode and LED technology to generate short optical pulses over a wide range of repetition rates and wavelengths.

SpectraLED Phosphorescence Source

The SpectraLED is a novel light source designed specifically for the measurement of phosphorescence lifetimes. These phosphorescence sources are based on LED technology and the emission wavelengths range from the deep UV to the NIR.

PPD Photon Counting Detector

The PPD series is a range of miniaturized single-photon counting detectors containing all the electronics necessary to detect single photons with picosecond accuracy.

Fluoro3PS Photomultiplier Power Supply

The Fluoro3PS is a versatile benchtop and rack-mountable power supply suitable for use with most photomultiplier detectors with an operating voltage between 0 and 5kV.

CFD-2G Amplifier-Discriminator

The CFD-2G is a hybrid amplifier-discriminator module designed for use with a wide variety of single photon detectors. It is neatly packaged to allow positioning close to the detector in order to minimise signal degradation, and features USB interface for simplified configuration.

TB-01 Pulse Converter/Discriminator

The TB-01 contains a high-speed leading-edge discriminator circuit that can be configured to detect positive or negative pulses and to trigger on rising or falling edges.

TB-02 - Detector Pulse Pre-Amplifier

The TB-02 is a general purpose pre-amplifier for use with fast risetime detectors including photon-counting types.

Time-Domain Monochromator

The TDM monochromator features low temporal dispersion and high optical throughput, both of which are key requirements of time-domain spectroscopy.

DAS6 Fluorescence Decay Analysis Software

HORIBA Scientific decay analysis software recovers kinetic information (such as fluorescence lifetime and rotational correlation times) from luminescence decay data by fitting the raw decay data to one of a selection of kinetic models.




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