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Raman spectroscopy is a light-scattering technique. Interaction of laser light with a sample’s molecules results in a Raman spectrum which is extremely information rich, providing:

  • Chemical composition and distribution
  • Molecular structures and functional group characterization
  • Crystal forms, chirality, molecular orientation, stress, doping, defect/disorder, etc.
  • Phase transformation/reaction monitoring
  • Spectral imaging/multilayer analysis


The result of 50 years of expertise in Raman spectroscopy, LabRAM Soleil™ offers unprecedented capabilities for Raman multimodal confocal imaging, in a compact footprint.

Ideally suited for both micro and macro measurements, it offers advanced confocal imaging capabilities in 2D and 3D. With guaranteed high performance and intuitive simplicity, the LabRAM Odyssey™ is the ultimate instrument for Raman spectroscopy, widely used for standard Raman analysis, photoluminescence (PL), tip enhanced Raman scattering (TERS) and other hybrid methods.

The new MacroRAM™ Raman spectrometer brings simplicity to Raman measurements without compromising the ability to handle even the most complex samples. Its compact and robust design, including Class 1* laser safety means it's safe for use in most environments, from undergraduate teaching labs to industrial QC applications.

The XploRA ONE Raman microscope will meet the demanding challenges of any modern QA/QC and analytical laboratory offering simplicity, exceptional sensitivity and reliability.

The simplicity and power of the XploRA PLUS Raman microscope is unmatched and with a broad range of options, the system provides HORIBA’s best Raman microscope to date for multi-sample and multi-user environments.

The XploRA INV inverted Raman microscope combines the automation features and small footprint of the standard XploRA™ Raman microscope with the unique sampling capabilities of an inverted microscope, especially important for demanding biological applications.

Raman is an ideal technique for Forensic science offering high quality data, reliability and significant speed advantages over other analytical techniques. Benefits for the analysis of trace samples not only include the range of samples that can be analysed but also in the non-destructive nature of the analysis. Raman microscopy enables easier comparative analysis, unknown chemical identification and improved value for money.

The range of modular Raman spectrometers from HORIBA Scientific allows the user to build a Raman experiment from the ground up and to undertake high performance Raman spectroscopy at a price to fit most budgets.

High spectral resolution analytical Raman microscope for ultimate performance and flexibility; includes UV Raman configuration, full automation and wide range of accessories.

The T64000 system is designed to provide a versatile platform for Raman analysis. It has an integrated triple spectrometer design for unprecedented optical stability. The instrument incorporates the proven technology of the confocal LabRAM Raman microprobe. The mechanical coupling is rigid and stable. The optical coupling is efficient and throughput is limited only by theoretical considerations

HORIBA Scientific’s LabSpec 6 software platform builds on the success of its previous versions to deliver a unique environment for complete instrument control and data processing. It is available as an upgrade to most recent HORIBA Raman systems.

A wide range of Raman accessories are available for use with the HORIBA Scientific Raman systems including motorized mapping stages, fiber optic coupled probes, laser sources, and environment stages.


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