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Our Forensic light sources, CrimeScope, Mini-CrimeScope, HandScope Halogen and HandScope Xenon are manufactured in Edison, NJ, USA by HORIBA Scientific SPEX Forensics Division. They are the ultimate units in their categories featuring the most wavelengths and highest intensity (best sensitivity in searching mode).

PrintQuest™ - A new AFIS concept with Top Accuracy PrintQuest™ is the FULL Fingerprint Solution including the SPEX Latent Instrumentation Product line for fingerprint capture and processing, i.e. CrimeScope, SceneScope, SCIS, combined with a new technology for Fingerprint minutiae extraction and comparison.

The CS-16-500 was designed for those departments that prefer Xenon 500W lamps to Metal Halide Lamps because of the extra Infrared output for forged documents.

The SceneScope RUVIS UHD uses intensified UV reflectance instead of fluorescence as in Forensic Light Sources. The System can detect fingerprints on most non-porous surfaces prior to any treatment or after a cyanoacrylate (Superglue) fuming.

Our broad range of products in Fingerprint Imaging, Fingerprint Image Enhancement and Comparison include all solutions for the laboratory and the crime scene to digitally capture prints, enhance them with innovative optical and software tools, and extract minutiae for side by side comparisons and case presentations.

The Next Generation of the premiere crime scene forensic light source. Smaller, Lighter, Brighter the Mini-CrimeScope Advance represents the latest in bulb based Forensic Light Source Technology.

Designed specifically for Fingerprints, ImaQuest Fingerprint Image Enhancement Software is the most complete software package of its kind, with the ability to secure, scale, enhance, track, compare, chart, and print work from multiple investigators and multiple sources.

Mini-Crimescope-400W is the most powerful light source in the CrimeScope series and it produces light intensity unmatched by any other forensic light source on the market.

Multi-Wavelength Forensic Light Source One Unit - Five Wavelengths, Change Wavelengths Instantly with the Press of a Button The HandScope LED is the most versatile LED-based forensic light source, incorporating 5 wavelengths in a single, self-contained, battery powered unit

The FOCUS LED is the first LED Alternate Light Source that offers uniform illumination, eliminating hot spots.

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