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Fluorescence microfluorometry combines the spatial resolution and light collection of a microscope with the analytical power of spectrofluorometry. Unlike conventional fluorescence microscopy which gives images at one or several wavelength bands, our microfluorometry solutions can give you complete steady state spectra or lifetime from any point in the image.

Our microfluorometry lines include solutions based on your microscope or complete turn-key systems. Units can be as basic as collecting spectra from a single point to complete mapping solutions whereby the sample is scanned over the x- and y-directions on a precision microscope stage while measuring a spectrum or lifetime at each point.

We offer a range of options for adding a microscope to any of our steady state fluorometers. We can supply a complete system including a microscope, or connect to most existing microscopes. Either way, we can supply a simple option that collects a spectrum from a single point or upgrade to a complete mapping solution.

DeltaMyc is the user-friendly instrument for investigating dynamic events in microscopic samples, such as energy transfer and molecular binding. DeltaMyc is an advanced system to apply time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy on the micron-scale.

Completely new and revolutionary system for the collection and analysis of ratiometric imaging data for calcium, pH, and intracellular ion imaging! With Warp Drive interface is a complete imaging system featuring dramatic power, high speed image acquisition and more! With easy to use software, along with its unique user interface, Warp Drive, allows you to efficiently gather superb quality data. It is the most comprehensive system of its kind, giving you control

Microscope-based ratio spectrofluorometer for the collection and analysis of ratiometric photometry data for calcium, pH, and intracellular ions and FRET. It offers researchers amazingly high speed measurements, along with solid, dependable and sensitive detection. The only choice for both speed and sensitivity

TimeMaster™ Lifetime Microscopy system (TM-50) is a unique microscope-based fluorescence lifetime spectrometer. The TM-50 provides unsurpassed wavelength coverage from 240 nm (frequency-doubler option required) to 990 nm. A very intense pulses make it ideal for weak samples, while the low repetition rate prevents photodecomposition.

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