Plasma Profiling TOFMS™

Ultra-Fast, Sensitive and High Resolution Depth Profiling technique

The new Plasma Profiling TOFMS addresses the needs of materials scientists across a wide range of application areas. PP-TOFMS provides fast elemental depth distribution of almost any material. The speed and ease of use of PP-TOFMS aims at reducing the optimization time of growth processes as many research scientists strive to reduce the time from discovery to applications of new materials.

The simultaneous full coverage of TOFMS available for each point of depth permits the detection of non suspected contamination. This is key for failure analysis and optimization of thin film processes that tend to no longer be based on ultra-high grade methods (i.e. ink jet printing…).

PP-TOFMS will be the ideal close-to-process tool for materials scientists:

  • To check on stoichiometry versus depth of layers ranging from nm to tens of microns
  • To determine doping depth distribution
  • Identify unsuspected contamination
  • Monitor interface composition and width


PP-TOFMS instrument is

  • Compact
  • Rapid
  • Easy to get hands on
  • General application in materials science
  • Multi-user

Manufactured by HORIBA Scientific

  • Glow discharge Plasma Source
  • Unique patented RF pulsing mode
  • No sample preparation, no sample transfer in UHV environment
  • Easy (flat Horizontal) and ergonomic sample positioning with laser help
  • High sample tolerance size from 0.7 cm to 30 cm
  • Standard 4 mm anode for 4 mm diameter crater
  • Available 2mm anode for 2 mm diameter crater
  • Oil free environment (Dry pump)
  • Easy removal and cleaning of source parts

TOF analyzer

  • Orthogonal extraction
  • High resolution reflectron (resolving power up to 5000 at 208 Th)
  • User friendly, ergonomic, fast hands on
  • Possibility to attenuate for four intense ions for high dynamics: user choice of ions and attenuation amplitude


  • Fast automatic starting procedures
  • Real time display of depth profiles
  • One click semi-quantitative depth profile
  • Remote online capability

Data Acquisition

  • Fast and automatic starting procedures
  • Real time display of depth profiles
  • Real time display and recording of all plasma parameters

Data Treatment

  • One click semi-quantitative depth profile
  • Easy and fast mass recalibration
  • Remote data treatment capability

Technical Support

  • Overall real time status schema (for all pressure, valves status..)
  • Trouble shooting scheme
  • Remote online capability for technical support


  • OS Windows 7

Plasma Profiling-TOFMS

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Plasma Profiling-TOFMS

New Fast Depth Profiling Technique

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