Recently, Tribogenics has signed HORIBA Scientific to distribute the company’s new line of Watson™ hand-held XRF metal analyzers throughout Southeast Asia.

Tribogenics, a leader in triboluminescence based spectroscopy, announced today that it has signed HORIBA Scientific to distribute the company’s new line of Watson™ hand-held XRF metal analyzers throughout Southeast Asia. HORIBA Scientific is a global leader whose vast range of scientific products encompass for Raman, Elemental analysis, Steady state and Lifetime fluorescence, Hyperspectral imaging, Forensics, Optical spectroscopy, OEM spectrometers, TCSPC, GD-OES, ICP, Particle characterization, Spectral Ellipsometry, Sulfur-in-oil and much more.
“We are pleased to sign HORIBA Scientific as our new distribution partner,” noted Dale Fox, CEO, Tribogenics. “HORIBA is a world-class organization with a rich history of technology innovation. It is recognized for its exceptionally talented people, technical excellence and impressive worldwide sales, marketing and distribution channels, which make it a great fit for our rapidly growing company.”
According to Mr. Tatsuo Komatsu, Managing Director, Horiba Instruments PTE Ltd., “Horiba is proud to partner with this group of talented and innovative engineers and excited to bring these compact analyzers to the marketplace.”
Currently, Watson serves industrial users who require verification to determine the quality of their metals. Hand-held XRF is the high growth segment of a worldwide market that comprises of a broad range of industrial quality control and assurance users in manufacturing, machining, surface engineering, coating service providers, metal fabrication precision and specialty welders.
As Tribogenics’ extendable technology platform increases the power and broadens the applicability of its X-ray innovations, the company intends to go beyond XRF tackling adjacent, multi-billion-dollar markets, including rare earth materials, medical and scientific.
HORIBA is a world leader in providing a wide range of scientific products that encompass elemental analysis, fluorescence, forensics, GDS, ICP, particle characterization, Raman, spectral ellipsometry, sulfur-in-oil, water quality, and XRF. Prominent absorbed brands include Jobin Yvon, Glen Spectra, IBH, SPEX, Instruments S.A, ISA, Dilor, Sofie, SLM, and Beta Scientific. By combining the strengths of the research, development, applications, sales, service and support organizations of all, HORIBA Scientific offers researchers the best products and solutions while expanding our superior service and support with a truly global network.
About Tribogenics
Based in Los Angeles, Calif., Tribogenics is a leading innovator of triboluminescence based X-ray technology for industrial, medical, and scientific industries. Its Watson™ XRF hand-held analyzers remove the risk of error in QC/QA manufacturing environments by performing non-destructive testing (NDT) and PMI of metals and alloys in seconds. Watson™ is ideal for anyone concerned about the quality of their metals commonly used in metal fabrication, machining, welding, and manufacturing products for use in the aerospace, automotive, construction, medical, military, scientific and industrial sectors. For more information, visit. or call 1-855-972-9123.

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