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HORIBA Scientific is world renown for our high quality and industry leading Raman microscopy systems. You can learn more about these systems, by visiting our retail Raman division web pages.

The Optical Spectroscopy Division of HORIBA Scientific can help to build a custom modular Raman spectrometer for your particular needs, within your budget. The range of modular Optical Building Blocks from HORIBA Scientific allows you to build a Raman experiment from the ground up and to undertake high performance Raman spectroscopy at a price to fit most budgets.


HORIBA’s MacroRAM is an affordable bench-top macro-Raman spectrometer.  Use liquid samples in cuvettes or solids, films, or powders in the sample compartment or excite a sample remotely using a Raman probe.  A Stokes Raman spectrum of acetaminophen in powder form is shown below.

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Terahertz Raman Spectrometer

HORIBA’s modular terahertz modular Raman spectrometer extends the spectral range of a measurement to < 10 cm-1. Consisting of an Ondax SureBlock™ module fiber coupled to HORIBA’s iHR320 imaging spectrometer, this custom system provides an affordable option for macro-Raman measurements close to the laser line. Below are Stokes and anti-Stokes spectra of elemental sulfur recorded with this system.

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Modular Raman Microscope

HORIBA’s modular Raman  spectrometers allow the user to have a flexible Raman system to handle high performance spectroscopy at a price to fit most budgets.  The modular microscope can also be used with a range of sampling options, including remote probes. A Raman spectrum recorded with a fiber-coupled Raman microscope of acetaminophen is shown below.

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MicOS Micro-Raman Spectrometer

The MicOS micro-Raman optical spectrometer offers an affordable solution for micro Raman measurements.  With a direct coupled microscope head, throughput is optimized.  Available with many different options (wavelength excitation, spectrometer, and detectors), the MicOS offers the most flexible system available.  A Raman spectrum of silicon with corresponding mapping data is shown below.

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Raman Fiber Probes

For ultimate flexibility, fiber-coupled Raman probes offer a compact design and a rugged, robust construction for a wide range of applications. With an optional integrated camera, the user can locate a precise region of interest prior to analysis. Also available are immersion probes and non-contact optics.

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