All of the compact bench top models utilize a new approach to EDXRF, Monochromatic Excitation-EDXRF or ME-EDXRF.  Closely coupled monochromatic excitation combined with a high resolution detector provide excellent signal to background ratios to achieve low detection limits even in various matrices. High count rate processing capability results in greater accuracy and precision with short measurement times.

Quick & Accurate

  •     Typical test times are 3 min per sample for less than 50 ppm concentration.
  •     Less than 2 min per sample for concentrations above 50 ppm.Detection limits for S and Cl are in low ppm with the upper range in the % level.
  •     Simultaneous determination capability.
  •     New technology eliminates oxygen interference that can vary results significantly. 


  •     A touchscreen graphical user interface displays all the important functions for routine operation at a glance.
  •     USB ports allow a supervisor to easily plug in a keyboard and mouse to handle more complicated tasks. 


  •     Unlike some methods for S and Cl, the MESA 7220 models are low maintenance and do not require furnaces, conversions gases or micro syringes.

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Manufactured by HORIBA Scientific

X-Ray Tube

Air-cooled, Ag anode x-ray tube; 0-12.5 kV; 0-2 mA


A closely coupled, doubly curved HOPG crystal is used to reflect the Ag Ka excitation radiation for optimal excitation of S and Cl resulting in significantly improved analytical performance. The sample chamber is under vacuum to further enhance sensitivity.

Si drift Detector

Stable peak positions and spectral resolution (<150 eV) up to an input count rate of 200 kcps.

Limit of Detection

0.7 ppm wt/wt

Dynamic Range

0.7 ppm - 10% wt/wt

Vacuum Chamber Window

User replaceable 7.5 µm Kapton, protected by an expendable safety window between it and the sample cup window

Sample volume

5 mL


Powerful Pentium processor, embedded WindowsTM XP OS and sealed, field-hardened color touch screen (8.4”, 800x600 pixels) capable of clearly displaying calibration curves
Two UI levels.

  • Simple, touch screen interface for supervisor setup.
  • Password protected, keyboard driven interface for supervisor setup
  • 480 GB hard drive and 500 MB of RAM
  • Two USB ports: one on the back and one on the side, a PS2 Connection and a USB port for a mouse or keyboard and a direct Ethernet connection to the web for customer support located on the rear panel.


  • Allows users to create calibrations using their own standards methodology for system monitoring and preventive maintenance including onscreen diagnostics for all operating parameters.
  • An intuitive touch screen based, user interface.
  • Ability to add new functionality

Included Accessories and Options

  • Printer
  • Optional Keyboard and Mouse for convenient programming

Dimensions and Operating Requirements

  • Nominal input voltage: 120-240 V +/- 10%AC, 50/60 Hz, 125 W
  • Dimensions: W x D x H: 330 x  508 x 41 mm     (13 x 20 x 16 inches)
  • Weight: 21 kg (45 lbs)
  • Ambient operation temperature: -25°C to 40 °C
  • Relative humidity at 25 °C (77°F): 0 to 95%

Tags: S, Cl, low ppm, Monochromatic Excitation-EDXRF or ME-EDXRF

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