In-Situ, In-Line and Large Area Ellipsometers

In-situ spectroscopic ellipsometers allow real-time monitoring and control of thin film deposition and etch processes with sub-monolayer resolution. It provides real-time calculation of film thickness, optical constants, and composition of thin film stacks in different ambient.

HORIBA Scientific’s large area spectroscopic ellipsometers are designed to provide thin film control solutions in flat panel display and photovoltaic manufacturing.

Manufactured by HORIBA Scientific

In-line Ellipsometers:

In-line measurement of film thickness and optical constants (n,k):

  • Substrate materials: PET, PEN, PI, PC, PA, TAC…
  • Thin film materials: 
    • Thin metal films: Ag, Al, Cr, Cu
    • Transparent electrodes: ITO, AZO, i:ZnO
    • Polymers, organic LED films
    • Dielectrics: Al2O3, SiN, SiO2, Ta2O5, TiO2, Nb2O5…

 In-situ Ellipsometers:

  • Spectral ranges: 210-880 nm - 190-880 nm - 245-2100 nm - 190-2100 nm
  • Light source: 75W Xe lamp or 150W Xe lamp
  • Data acquisition time: 50ms / determination
  • Detection: Single point or real-time spectral acquisition using high sensitivity, wide dynamic range PMT detectors or scanning monochromator for in-situ measurement in working environment for thin film deposition/etch control
  • Spot size: 1 x 3 mm
  • Mechanical adaptation: CF35 or KF40 Flange

Large Area Mapping Ellipsometers for Flat Panel Display and Photovoltaic Industries

A large mapping system allows thin film measurements at every location on the panel. Our large area spectroscopic ellipsometers are driven by our DeltaPsi2 software platform, which provides reliable recipes for routine thin film measurements. Automatic recipes fully automate measurement+modelling+mapping+results. Automatic reporting, data reprocessing, import/export package are some of the many functionalities of DeltaPsi2.

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