ImaQuest Finger Enhancement Software


Fast Fourier Transform "FFT" - for Periodic Background Removal

An ink pattern on a bank note treated with ninhydrin. Boosting of any fingerprint is possible in ImaQuest. A unique feature makes this treatment fast and Live!

Secure original images in an encrypted database with user/password access.

Scale fingerprint images to 1:1, even when no rule appears in the image.

Enhance fingerprint images with all the most commonly used techniques such as; FFT, Image background subtraction, Filtering (Gauss, Equalization, Sharpen, Lowpass, Statistical scaling), Brightness, Contrast, Histogram, Inversion, and more.

Fast Fourier Transform "FFT" - for Overlapping Prints

FFT also allows separation of overlapping prints, one or the other can be extracted, with Boosting and Cutting functions
Background Subtraction

The Subtraction function {left minus middle above} gives the great result on the right, after Live Tuning of ImaQuest parameters.

Track ALL enhancements and changes Automatically in an unalterable, secure history file that stores not only the original image and lists of enhancements but, the actual mathematics of the enhancement that allows visualization of ALL intermediate steps.
Automatic Recording of Images

ImaQuest automatically records all intermediate steps and the full sequence of images can be recorded in a single file. Saving all enhancement detailed descriptions to text is also possible (Non-editable in ImaQuest).

Compare known and unknown prints in a Digital Comparator that automatically extracts and compares minutiae points and allows for user selection of matching points and features.

Chart the points from the comparison and digitally paste into a free form document that can be designed and configured for your own department. Save templates for future use.

Print any chart, image, or history to any installed and configured printer.
Documents for the Case File

Documents can be created within ImaQuest. Images can be pasted for printout of charts for example or side by side comparisons. Text, Arrows can be added and printouts are pre-calibrated from 1:1 to 5:1

Manufactured by HORIBA Scientific

Operating System: Windows 98/2K/XP/7


  • FFT with Live Display as FFT areas are cut or boosted and double Ellipse function
  • Overlapping print separation
  • Periodic background removal
  • Image Subtraction [very useful in combination with Light Source] to remove random shape fluorescent background with live display and live tuning of brightness
  • ROI
  • Filters (Gauss, Equalization, Sharpen, Lowpass, Stat Scaling, etc.)
  • Zoom
  • Brightness and Contrast
  • Histogram
  • Resize
  • Rotate
  • Invert
  • Annotations
  • Pasting of multiple images in Document.


  • IdentQuest Module included in ImaQuest®, allows 1 or 2 images in a side-by-side comparison mode
  • Charting capability
  • Auto-extraction and Manual selection is included.

ImaQuest® supports all major image formats including, TIFF, BMP, JPEG, PCX, TGA, GIF, IQD, TRC (History Tracking Format), and includes an FBI Certified WSQ with Adjustable compression ratio (1:1 -20:1).

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