GD-Profiler  2

The GD-Profiler 2™ provides fast, simultaneous analysis of all elements of interest including the gases nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and chlorine. It is an ideal tool for thin film characterization and process studies.

Equipped with an RF source that can operate in pulse mode for fragile samples, the range of applications of the GD-Profiler 2™ goes from corrosion studies to PVD coating process control and it is used in universities as well as in routine metal and alloys production plants.


  •  RF-Only generator is Class E standard and optimized for stability and crater shape allowing for real surface analysis.
  • Source can be pulsed with synchronized acquisition for optimum results on fragile samples. The use of an RF source allows analysis of conventional and non conventional layers and materials.
  • Simultaneous optic provides full spectral coverage from 110 to 800nm, including deep UV access to analyze H, O, C, N and Cl.
  • HORIBA Jobin Yvon original, ion-etched holographic gratings assure the highest light throughput for maximum light efficiency and sensitivity.
  • Patented HDD detection provides speed and sensitivity in detection without compromise.
  • Easily accessible sample compartment allows plenty of room for sample loading.
  • Powerful QUANTUM™ software with Tabler report writing tool.
  • CenterLite laser pointer (patent pending) for precise sample loading.
  • Monochromator option available only from HORIBA Jobin Yvon provides the perfect tool to increase instrument flexibility while adding "n+1" capability.

Manufactured by HORIBA Scientific


GD-Profiler Schematic


HORIBA Scientific proposes accessories to handle various samples and multiply the possible applications:

  • Patented “Li bell” for measuring samples that should not be exposed to air
  • Patented Centrelite for precise localisation of the analysis spots
  • Small sample holder
  • Universal sample holder for non flat samples, tubes, rods
  • Various anodes (material and diameters): 2mm, 4mm, 6, 7 & 8mm anodes.
  • Patented RF coupler for thick non conductive layers (innovation derived from EU project -
  • Press
  • Kit to prepare pellet for analysis of powders
  • Preparation equipment machines
  • Profilometer: Provides the determination of optimum conditions to get flat craters and useful for measuring the sputtering rates.
  • Reference Books
  • Glow Discharge Spectroscopies 
    R. Kenneth Marcus
  • Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectrometry
    Richard Payling, Delwyn Jones, Arne Bengston
  • Optical Emission Lines of the Elements
    Richard Payling, Peter Larkins

Special configurations

Automatized instruments with robots or instruments in glove box have been designed and dedicated studies on such requirements can be conducted.

Nitrogen generators

HORIBA Scientific offers high purity nitrogen generators for all GD-OES systems. The nitrogen generators supplies nitrogen at 99.999% purity and flow rates from 3 L/min to 6.0 L/min for VUV analysis. Nitrogen purge permits to maintain intact the quality of the optics in time.


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