Focus LED

The FOCUS’ homogeneous spot and defined edge provides the consistent intensity necessary to properly capture photos where there are no under/over developed sections in the same image.  Now the tightest of locations, at any crime scene can be searched with the same uniform illumination as that of a larger lab based light source. 

The FOCUS is a lightweight, compact and ruggedized unit that allows investigators to search crime scenes with the same uniform illumination as that of larger, lab-based light source units with maximum beam projection.  The battery-powered LED generates a minimum of two hours run time, and offers push button "instant" on for immediate processing of crime scenes. 

The FOCUS is uniquely designed.  Its 6-sided hilt prevents it from rolling away, and clearly displays the wavelength. It also comes with an attached lanyard to avoid being dropped accidentally. It’s palm-sized and is easily transported, in its rigid, weather-proof case. 

FOCUS LED can easily detect biological fluids and trace evidence, treated fingerprints, gunshot residue, drugs, bite marks and footprints.  It can also be used to find hair, fingernails, bones and teeth.


  • Intensity

The FOCUS fits in the palm of your hand.  Its ultra-compact size is deceiving when it is illuminating a scene.   The superior optical design behind the FOCUS maximizes beam projection.  No other LED on the market can offer such a ruggedized unit and produce the same results. 

  • Portability
    Extremely lightweight LED with a minimum 2 hours of run time, the FOCUS is an excellent choice for crime scenes where battery power is a must.  A single FOCUS can slip into a pocket or be easily transported in its rigid, water resistant case with its full line of accessories and other user-friendly LED units, for a total of 6 available wavelengths.
  • Ease of Use
    The FOCUS, with its push button instant on, will not delay the processing at a scene.  The unique design, with its 6 sided hilt, serves 2 purposes: displaying the wavelength and not rolling away.  The attached lanyard helps keep the FOCUS from becoming a statistic, by keeping the unit attached to the wrist, helping to avoid the accidental drop.

The FOCUS’ superior optical design offers an homogeneous spot and defined edge to provide the consistent intensity necessary to properly capture photos where there are no under/over developed sections in the same image.

FOCUS spot

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Manufactured by HORIBA Scientific

  • Rugged portable LED units with one click activation
  • Weatherproof carry case
  • 4 pairs of goggles: 1 UV protection, 1 yellow, 1 orange, 1 red
  • Viewing shields, 62mm camera filters
  • Additional rechargeable backup batteries and chargers
  • System is manufactured under ISO 9001 standards.

Type of source:

LED – Light Emitting Diode

Life Time:

20,000 hours

DC Electrical Specifications:

Rechargeable Li-Ion battery and chargers


One Year on Parts and Labour


  • Includes the following wavelengths: UV390, 470, 495, 530, 620, WHITE

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