HORIBA Scientific combined the world’s only CCD based benchtop spectrofluorometer with a UV-VIS spectrophotometer and created the Dual-FL.

The Dual-FL features spectral rates as fast as 80,000 nm/s, and a water Raman S/N sensitivity greater than 20,000:1 RMS.

Collect incredibly rapid kinetics data, or complete excitation emission matrix (EEMs) in seconds.

And, it also has a built-in UV-VIS spectrophotometer. Use it as your lab UV-VIS, or collect simultaneous dual-mode fluorescence and absorbance data to correct inner-filter effects in your spectra.



  • The only true simultaneous absorbance-fluorescence system available

  • TE-cooled CCD fluorescence emission detector for rapid data acquisition up to 100 times faster than any other benchtop fluorometer

  • Corrected UV-VIS absorbance detection path for stability and accuracy

  • Double grating excitation monochromator for superior stray light rejection

  • Matching bandpass for absorbance and fluorescence spectra

  • Automatic sample changer option (two or four position)

  • Compatible with flow cells and titrator


  • Optimized experiment set-up menus minimize user confi guration time

  • Complete NIST-traceable corrected fluorescence spectra automatcally generated

  •  Spectral and kinetic analysis tools for both absorbance and fluorescence data

  • Methods and batch protocols for automating multiple sample measurement

'How Fast is Fast?'


Manufactured by HORIBA Scientific

Fluorescence Hardware

Light source

150W ozone free vertically mounted xenon arc lamp

Excitation range

200 - 800 nm (Dual-FL UV)

Excitation bandpass

5 nm

Excitation monochromator

Subtractive double monochromator

Excitation gratings

1200 gr/mm, 250 nm blaze

Excitation wavelength accuracy

±1 nm

Emission range

250 - 800 nm

Emission bandpass

5 nm

Emission spectrograph

Fixed, aberration-corrected 140 mm focal length

Emission grating

405 gr/mm; 250 nm blaze

Emission detector

TE-cooled back-illuminated CCD

Emission integration time

5 ms minimum

Hardware pixel binning

0.41, 0.82, 1.64, 3.28 nm/pixel

CCD gain options

4.5 e-/cts in medium gain, 9 e-/cts in low gain


Water-Raman SNR > 20,000:1 (RMS method) (350 nm excitation, 30s integration)


33 kg (72 lbs)


LWH (618 x 435 x 336 mm); (24" x 17" x 13")

Absorbance Hardware

Scanning range

230 - 800 nm (optical)


5 nm

Slew speed

Max 500 nm/s

Optical system

Corrected single beam


Si photodiode

Wavelength accuracy

±1 nm

Wavelength repeatability

+/- 0.5 nm

Photometric accuracy

±0.01 AU from 0 to 2A

Photometric stability

<0.002 AU per h

Photometric repeatability

 +/- 0.002 AU (0 to 1 AU)

Stray light

<1% measured with KI standard

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