• Fully-automated compact optical lifetime module for automated switching filters, dichroic filters and pinholes
  • Confocal head unit with automated pinholes (100 μm~1000 μm)
  • New laser diode (DeltaDiode™) with high repetition-rate lasers (up to 100 MHz), operated in CW or pulsed mode
  • Intuitive data acquisition and analysis software
  • FRET software routine for transfer efficiency and molecular distance


Manufactured by HORIBA Scientific


Based on upright Olympus BX53 microscope or IX73 inverted microscope.


Plan achromat 10× and 60×, other magnifications available. 5-position turret.

Confocal emission pinhole

5 diameters, from 100 μm to 1000 μm, manually selected one at a time.



Fluorescence camera

1.4 Mpix cooled

Excitation sources

Direct-coupled pulsed laser sources

Wavelength range

Any DeltaDiode source available

Motorized stage



1.0 μm

Travel range

75 × 50 mm

Manual control

With joystick

Automatic control

Through DataStation software

TCSPC electronics

Single-photon counting detection


26 ps/channel

Lifetime range

100 ps to 10 μs, depending on sample


PPD fast PMT

Spectral range

250–650 nm / 300–850 nm

Transit spread time

200 ps

Dark counts

< 80 cps


5 manually selected positions of interchangeable cubes which can hold: 


Excitation filters

Optional 10 nm BP filters or short-pass filters

Dichroic beam splitters

Optional wavelength or 50/50

Emission filters

Optional 40 nm BP filters or long-pass filters

ND filters

5 positions: 0, 0.3, 1, 2, and 3 OD

Manually selected



Data acquisition

DataStation software

TCSPC mapping

High-speed scan

Data analysis

DAS6 software, inc. reconvolution feature

Operating system

Windows® 7


<25 cm added to top of microscope

Tags: Fluorescence microscopy, mapping, lifetime

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