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Aqualog is the only instrument to simultaneously measure both absorbance spectra and fluorescence Excitation-Emission Matrices. EEMs are acquired up to a 100 times faster than with other instruments. Dedicated software automates traceable Quinine Sulfate Unit calibration and correction of inner-filter effects and Rayleigh and Raman scattering lines, enabling rapid export to modeling algorithms like PARAFAC.

multivariate analysis - AqualogAqualog now offers new deep UV absorbance and fluorescence excitation from 200 nm, in addition to a fully automated sample queue tool to facilitate continuous data acquisition, analysis and export for immediate multivariate analysis with the Solotmpackage from our partner, Eigenvector Research, Inc.

The NEW Aqualog® Datastream Dashboard facilitates completely automated analysis and reporting of a wide range of organic matter parameters that are critical for managing and optimizing the drinking water treatment process. The Datastream parameters have been selected to specifically target disinfection by-product issues, algal issues and other contamination components 



  • The only true simultaneous absorbance-fluorescence system available

  • TE-cooled CCD fluorescence emission detector for rapid data acquisition up to 100 times faster than any other benchtop fluorometer

  • Corrected UV-VIS absorbance detection path for stability and accuracy

  • Double grating excitation monochromator for superior stray light rejection

  • Matching bandpass for absorbance and fluorescence spectra

  •  Automatic sample changer option (2 or 4 position)

  • Compatible with flow cells and titrator


  • Optimized experiment set-up menus minimize user confi guration time

  • Complete NIST-traceable corrected fluorescence spectra automatcally generated

  • Spectral and kinetic analysis tools for both absorbance and fluorescence data

  • Methods and batch protocols for automating multiple sample measurement

'How Fast is Fast?'

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NEW Aqualog® Datastream Dashboard


  • Seamless integration with Aqualog

  • Convenient HTML-based interface

  • Push-button method operation

  • Simple administrator level controls for calibration and method development


  • Easy access through internet or intranet

  • Dashboard shows the latest readings, time series and tables for trends and analysis

  • WTP can upload their own independent data

Manufactured by HORIBA Scientific

Aqualog Specification

Fluorescence Hardware

Choice of Light source

Standard: 150W ozone-free vertically mounted xenon arc lamp

Extended-UV: 150W vertically mounted xenon arc lamp

Excitation range

230 nm to upper limit of emission detector

200 nm to upper limit of emission detector

Excitation bandpass

5 nm

Excitation monochromator

Subtractive double monochromator

Excitation gratings

1200 gr/mm, 250 nm blaze

Excitation wavelength accuracy

±1 nm

Choice of Detector



Emission range

250-620 nm

250-800 nm

Emission grating

405 gr/mm; 250 nm blaze

285 gr/mm; 350 nm blaze

Hardware pixel binning

0.41, 0.82, 1.64, 3.28 nm/pixel

0.58, 1.16, 2.32, 4.64 nm/pixel

Emission bandpass

5 nm

Emission spectrograph

Fixed, aberration-corrected 140 mm focal length

Emission detector

TE-cooled back-illuminated CCD

Emission integration time

5 ms minimum


CCD gain options

2.25 e-/cts in high gain, 4.5 e-/cts in medium gain, 9 e-/cts in low gain


Water-Raman SNR > 20,000:1 (RMS method) (350 nm excitation, 30s integration)


32.72 kg (72 lbs)


LWH (618 x 435 x 336 mm); (24" x 17" x 13")

Absorbance Hardware

Scanning range

200 - 800 nm (UV lamp)
230-800 nm (Standard lamp)


5 nm

Slew speed

Max 500 nm/s

Optical system

Corrected single-beam


Si photodiode

Wavelength accuracy

±1 nm

Wavelength repeatability

+/- 0.5 nm

Photometric accuracy

±0.01 AU from 0 to 2A

Photometric stability

<0.002 AU per h

Photometric repeatability

 +/- 0.002 AU (0 to 1 AU)

Stray light



<1% measured with KI standard

Datastream Dashboard Specification

Aqualog Datastream Parameters



Dissolved Organic Carbon Concentration

30 µg/l-20 mg/l

Requires Filtration (0.45 µm)

A254 nm

1 cm path length



L  DOC mg-1
 A254 m-1


Simulated Distribution, System Trihalomethane,
Formation Potential

SDS THMFP (10 µg/l – 500 µg/l)

SDS THMFP (10 µg/l – 500 µg/l)

Parallel Factor Analysis Component Scores

Up to 7

Can include Algal, Oil/PAH, Tracer Dyes and other Components

Residuals (Q)


Detect Contaminants and Measurement Issues

% Variance Accounted For


Detect Contaminants and Measurement Issues

Absorbance Spectrum

200-800 nm; 1 cm path length

Any wavelength coordinate or ratio can be analyzed with extinction coefficients

Excitation Emission Matrix (EEM) Regions

I-V plus Algal (Bluegreen/Brown/Green)

Custom EEM regions also available; Based on Interpolated EEM 

Total Fluorescence

Sum of EEM Regions I-V


Humic Index


Fluorescence Index


Independent Treatment Plant Data








Chlorine Residual






A254 nm

Adjustable Path Length Specifications




Additional Parameters Available

System Requirements

Datastream Specifications


Windows OS

64 bit Windows 7 or higher


Web Browser

Google Chrome ≥V53.x or Firefox  ≥49.x


Memory (RAM)

≥ 4 GB


Hard Disk

≥ 4 GB





USB Ports

≥ 2

Additional ports may be required for accessories

Video Resolution

≥ 1024 x 768


Eigenvector Solo Industrial

V8.2 or higher


HORIBA Onsite Installation/Calibration



HORIBA 6 month service



License Period

1 year renewable


Aqualog Hardware

UV-800 (200-800 nm)

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