Life science is the scientific pursuit of life. This contributes to improving the QoL (Quality of Life) and the progress of drug development and
medical treatment, and is connected to mankind's ultimate concern, living life in good health. Life phenomena play a large role in materials, and the understanding of this mechanism from a physicochemical aspect greatly contributes to our understanding of life. HORIBA Scientific has applied high-precision optical and sensing technologies to this industry which were cultivated in various fields starting with advanced materials, and we continue to contribute to the realization of living life in good health.

The following analytical and instrumental techniques are used in Environmental Analysis, please click on the squares for further information.






Oxygen/Nitrogen & Hydrogen









WEEE/RoHS/ELV Compliance Testing





Water Contamination



Antibody/Pathogen interaction





Model: XploRA INV Xem tiếp

Main application

  • Biomacromolecule identification
  • Bacteria, identification and classification
  • Drug distribution in cells/tissues
  • Early disease diagnosis
  • Label-free in-vivo and in-vitro analysis

Nile Red distribution in Bovine embryo
(Courtesy of Igor Chourpa, Pharmacy Faculty,
University of Tours)

Tags: biomacromolecule, raman

Main application

  • Biomacromolecule conformational change
  • Quantification of biomolecules
  • Enzymatic activity and cell viability
  • Molecular interactions
  • FRET

FLIM measurement (left, showing average lifetime)
and representative decay profiles (right) from
FITCBSA in and outside an irradiated area.

Tags: biomacromolecule, fluorescence

Model: SZ-100 Xem tiếp

Main application

  • Protein aggregates
  • Liposomes and virus
  • Protein's Zeta potential

Measurement results of the particle size of lysozyme
and isoelectric point

Tags: protein zeta potential

Main application

  • Automatic biochemical analyzer
  • Chemiluminescence immunoassay
  • Real-time fluorescence quantification

Automatic biochemical analyzer
Chemiluminescence immunoassay
Real-time fluorescence quantification

Tags: biochemical, grating

Model: CombiScope Xem tiếp

Main application

  • AFM imaging in liquids
  • Mechanic properties of macromolecule
  • Process of macromolecule activities
  • Cell and organelle topography

Alternanthera mosaic potex virus. Sample courtesy
of Prof. O. V. Karpova and Dr. M. V. Arhipenko,
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia,
Faculty of Biology

Tags: AFM imaging

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