Application Notes

Polymers Application Notes
  • Polymers01 : Raman Characterization of Polymers in Industrial Applications.
  • Polymers02 : Using Chemometrics and Raman Spectra for Quantitative Predictions of Physical and Chemical Properties of Polymers.
  • Polymers03 : Localisation of Polymeric Phases by Raman Microscopy Mapping Components of a Blend in a Plane, and Depth Profiles of a Laminated Film.
  • Polymers04 : Raman Imaging of Holographic Gratings Inscribed on Polymer Thin Films.
  • Polymers05 : Concentration profile measurements in polymeric coatings during drying by means of Inverse-Micro-Raman-Spectroscopy (IMRS).
  • RA55 : Transmission Raman Spectroscopy: review of applications.

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