Depth Profile of 10B implanted with a maximum concentration at 400 nm. (sample from University of Houston)

PP-TOFMS may be used for the leading silicon photovoltaics technology for measuring dopant profiles and detecting the presence of impurities. One-click semi-quantification may be obtained or accurate quantification with calibration curve.




Thin film CdTe photovoltaic devices and reference layers deposited on glass substrates by the atmospheric pressure metalorganic vapour deposition (AP-MOCVD) at CSER (UK) are characterized for their arsenic (As) dopant levels in CdTe films PP-TOFMS. Rapid, low vacuum : PP-TOFMS will be the adequate tool for controlling the large scale production of CdTe PV materials.

Depth Profile of CdTe layer doped with As on CdS on glass (sample from CSER)

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