Application Notes

Pharmaceuticals -  application notes
  • RA26 : Raman Analysis and Characterization of Pharmaceuticals.
  • RA27 : Polymorphy in Pharmaceuticals.
  • RA28 : Characterization and Mapping of active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients in a tablet by Raman and infrared spectroscopy on the same microspectrometer.
  • RA29 : Raman Microscopy in Pharmaceutical Salt Analysis.
  • Pharmaceutics05 : XploRA - Smart Microscopy.
  • RA55 : Transmission Raman Spectroscopy: review of applications.
  • RA58 : Statistical, morphological and chemical characterization of particles on cellulose nitrate filters for quality control
  • RA61 : Raman spectroscopy of pharmaceutical ingredients under humidity controlled atmosphere

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