Application Notes

  • Elec01 (XGT03) : Micro-XRF analysis for the Electronics Industry.
  • Elec02 (XGT04) : Quality control and defect analysis in the electronics industry using micro-XRF.
  • Elec03 (XGT05) : Fast thickness measurement of thin metal coatings by micro-XRF.

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Micro-XRF is ideally suited for elemental analysis of electronic printed circuit boards (PCB), integrated chips (IC) and individual components. The ability to pinpoint microscopic features allows contaminants and defects to be analysed and identified quickly – aided by the unique SLICE database software. Thus the source of a manufacturing issue can be located without delay. Entire circuit boards can be imaged, allowing entire circuit networks to be visualised and checked for shorts and breaks. In addition, the transmitted X-ray capability of the XGT-7200 can be used to visualise voids within solder. XRF is also widely used as a fast screening tool for RoHS and ELV compliance, allowing the restricted elements (Pb, Cr, Hg, Cd, Br) to be detected at concentrations down to 5 ppm and below.

Both XRF and X-ray imaging offer the unique capability of internal analysis…without needing to dismantle the board or its components. The penetrating nature of the x-rays allows circuits and features which are encased in plastic/resin to be visualised without compromise.

As electronic devices become ever smaller so to do the components and circuits within them - as a result the 10 µm analysis capability of the XGT systems is an important feature within the electronics industry.

Key areas which benefit from micro-XRF include:

  • Defect analysis
  • Contaminant identification
  • RoHS and ELV compliance
  • Solder voids
  • X-ray imaging of PCBs
  • Ion migration



Transmitted X-ray imaging of a circuit board highlights microscopic voids within the solder.


XRF composite image of a circuit board, showing the Nickel, Copper and Bromine distribution across a 75 mm x 75 mm area.


Layer thickness analysis results from a bonding pad on a circuit board, showing nanometer resolution thickness analysis.

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