AFIS & APIS PrintQuest

PrintQuest™ Systems include both the Automated Fingerprint Identification and Automated Palmprint Identification capabilities.

Police agencies, which have neither capability will find in PrintQuestT the complete solution with a fully integrated database of tenprints, palm cards and latents, with optional mugshot accessories.

For large Systems, using only the Fingerprint capability costs less money because of the expensive hardware associated with large palm databases. While our Palm software capability is at no extra charge, the extra hardware, matchers (pairs of processors), Larger Servers, more WS, more Hard-Disk storage drive APIS prices higher.

But keep in mind that Latent Palm collection at crime scenes and searching an accurate APIS database can solve 25-35% MORE of your cases.

A Police force, which already owns an AFIS or has access to the AFIS of a State or National agency, would prefer a System with Palmprint capability only. In such a case the PC or Server-WS will be configured to match the requirements of the palmprint database to be built. Due to the large amount of data Palm searches are slower than fingerprint searches, therefore APIS systems are usually configured with more and faster processors. Hard-disk space also has to be optimized for the large palmprint images. However creating a database of Palmprints takes LESS time than a database of ten-prints because the PrintQuestT Palm Card entry is fully automated i.e., it does not require manual checking.

Creating the Palm database takes even less time when your police agency already has all the card text detailed information in an AFIS (Suspect's name, address, case history.). So text entry into APIS may be limited to card number and name only. Creating INDEPENDENT AFIS and APIS databases is not a problem for most agencies, and avoids pricey upgrades to APIS of an old AFIS, in which, accuracy does not often come along with the expensive upgrade.

What if you already have AFIS access?

MANY Police Dept's find it more efficient to get their own AFIS and/or APIS database, even when they have access to a State AFIS. Usually, State AFIS databases suffer from large backlogs, less accuracy due to the large size databases and the restrictions on latent quality, LONG candidate lists to be reviewed for each latent, and the limited personnel to examine these lists, in order to find real match. We and another company are starting to get many examples of cases not matched by State AFIS Systems, while a local small AFIS gets a hit. This does not mean our system has the same accuracy as this other small size only - AFIS. We also made such comparisons with them. Call them, call us and compare side-by-side. We will accept the challenge as long as you test enough latents and cards. Will THEY accept the challenge?

See our section "Why select PrintQuest™ over the other famous and less famous brands" for recommendations on statistics to compare. Don't make a decision based on 2-3 prints, searched through a database of only 100-500 cards.

Also see our "Justification for getting your own AFIS/APIS" if you have a hard time convincing your boss that you should spend money on your own AFIS when you have State AFIS access.


PrintQuest™ is more than just an AFIS/APIS. PrintQuest™ comes fully ready to interface with SceneScope RUVIS cameras, with SCIS CrimeScope Digital Imaging whether through a network with the SCIS Computer or directly with the Cooled/Uncooled CCD cameras featured with SPEX filtering devices (filter slides for fluorescence). The CrimeScope Company is the ONLY Company offering all the LATENT capture Instrumentation directly integrated with AFIS & APIS capability.




PrintQuest™ - A new AFIS concept with Top Accuracy

PrintQuest™ is the FULL Fingerprint Solution including the SPEX Latent Instrumentation Product line for fingerprint capture and processing, i.e. CrimeScope, SceneScope, SCIS, combined with a new technology for Fingerprint minutiae extraction and comparison.

Yes, there are few other companies already offering AFIS Systems, but our approach is targeted towards Police Agencies who care about accuracy and catching the most bad guys... rather than focusing on having very large and fast central databases with several millions of cards, and therefore decreased accuracy for latent matching. PrintQuest™ is purely a Criminal application product, and does not intend to be a civil system (usually much larger systems, with reduced or no latent entry capability). See our 4 typical configurations which range from 10,000 cards to 1 million cards. Our Software is so accurate it could perform extremely well in larger databases as well.

  • Built in capabilities for 360 degree rotation / unknown center.
  • Multiple filters for increased speed (patterns, centers, deltas, origin, center location area, orientation settings).
  • Full skeleton extraction and unique parameters during searches provides top accuracy.
  • Accepts low quality latents.
  • Automated ten-print processing only quick pattern, centers, delta checking.
  • NCIC classification automatic toll with simple manual checking.
  • Auto numbering and unique case presentation screen with surrounding points.
  • Fully scalable concept from single PC to Server with Workstations, Matchers, External Storage.
  • Integrated protocol for modem remote customer support.


PrintQuest™ AFIS & EFTS for interchange of data with FBI IAFIS and other AFIS brands. TCP/IP or PPP protocol for network/modem interfacing with other PrintQuestT stations.

Security Features

Administrator sets limited rights for users, use/view of each AFIS function. Full UNIX style login menus. RAID-5 hard disk on large systems with Servers. Dual redundant power supply on Servers. DELL hardware, well known reliability...

Manufactured by HORIBA Scientific

From small AFIS/APIS desktop PC systems for City Police Dept's who want more control of their searches and more accuracy, to APIS-Only for those who already have access to an AFIS, to AFIS Lab configurations for comparison of latents with a known list of suspects to Server/Multi-Workstation Systems for large police forces, there is a PrintQuest™ for your agency. A benchmark comparative test will prove our highest accuracy. Try it and see for yourself!

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