HORIBA’s company motto “Joy and Fun”

Originates from the belief that if we take interest and pride in the work that occupies most of the active time in our lives, in the place where we spend the large part of each day, then as a result our satisfaction with life will increase, and we will be able to enjoy our lives even more. Taking interest and pride in our work leads us to “Joy and Fun.”

Business Operations

We, at the HORIBA, apply our most advanced analytical technologies to provide highly original analytical and measuring products and equipment in such fields as engine emissions, scientific analysis, industrial and process control, environment monitoring, semi-conductor process control, medical and health-care, and biotechnology, thereby contributing to the progress of science and technology, improvement in the quality, development and benefit of human health. We are engaging in the new businesses for derivative and peripheral products aim to develop scientific technology and improve the life of the community, while at the same time minimizing the impact on the environment.

We strictly abide by all environmental protection laws and regulations in our business activities. In addition, all HORIBA group companies are required to attain the highest levels of quality for establishing, developing, and maintaining environmental systems, including implementing internal control standards that minimize the impact that our business activities have on the environment.

We strive to deliver higher value-added products and services in the shortest possible time to customers all over the world, combining the functions and specialties of development, production, sales, and services from globally located points throughout the world. Furthermore, we aim to be the leader in the global market in the fields and product segments in which we operate, to meet all customers’ needs consistently, and to effectively maximize our limited resources through a policy of selective investment.

Customer Responsiveness

We maintain a philosophy of pursuing technology to the ultimate degree in both the fundamental and applied technology fields, supplying products that continuously satisfy customers’ requirements. We are committed to offering top-quality, highly reliable products and services with a consistent level of excellence throughout the world. We are obliged to observe the highest standards for establishing, developing, and maintaining quality control systems. To provide products and services to customers in the fastest delivery time possible, we have adopted the slogan “Ultra-Quick Supplier” for all our activities. This slogan encompasses not only production lead times but also development, marketing and sales, service, and control functions.

Responsibility to Shareholders and Investors

Our basic policy is to calculate annual dividends on an allocated rate of net income. Important information regarding management and business operations are fully disclosed on a regular basis to shareholders and potential investors. A timely responsive management control system should be maintained by HORIBA group companies to ensure that company objectives are met, profit generated and the information disclosed represents the true performance of the company as well as its management.


We are proud of the entrepreneurial spirit that led to the creation of HORIBA group companies. Each employee is made aware of this heritage, and we actively encourage ideas and innovations from individual employees. HORIBA promotes an open and fair business environment that allows all employees to achieve their individual goals and maximize their potential. To further each employee’s personal and professional growth, we encourage thinking from a global perspective and have established a global personnel development program and performance evaluation system. We value employees who challenge their personal abilities and recognize their own accomplishments.

PT. HORIBA Indonesia

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